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Meditation for Physical Sickness
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29 July 2019
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Ping Ping Worakate

Ping Ping Worakate is a Co-founder and CEO of World Peace Initiative Foundation that was established in Thailand and UK and an experienced Meditation & Mindfulness trainer. She herself studied about power of the mind and center of the body technique at the temple in Thailand at the age of 12 when she got deep insight into its secret. Through her 30-year of determination to excel in meditation and mindfulness, she is one of the mind-blowing trainers who offers a variety of workshops in following areas such as stress and burnout, work-life balance, women empowerment, emotional intelligence, leadership and empathy, creative mindset, and more to people from all walks of life.


Update in Progress: 2019 - New videos! Yay!

 One of the most important elements for your personal development is Mental Empowerment

The Peace Revolution CEO Ping Ping Worakate Thangsurbkul tells us more about the importance of the mind. 

Watch this video and give us your opinion on the question that asks us: What is behind the mind?

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